How To Replace Voice Memos On Your iPhone or iPod Touch with TinyVox

Sure you can use the Voice Memos included in the iPhone and iPod touch by default for your recording needs. However, today we’ll take a look at a cool free app that can replace it, allows easy social sharing, and has a great “old school” tape deck user interface.

1. Download the TinyVox Infinite Tape Deck from the iTunes App Store on your device.


2. After TinyVox is installed, tap the icon to launch it from your home screen.


3.Here is a look at the main user interface. Notice the cool “old school” tape deck interface. Tap on the tape to give it a title.


4. To start recording, just tap the Record button.


5. While it’s recording you can monitor the volume levels and the length of your recording with the Timer. When you’re done, just tap on Pause or Stop.


6. After making your recording, a screen comes up letting you know it was saved, and gives you some options. Play & Share, Delete & Start Over, Keep Taping and  more.


7. For this example we’ll go ahead and Play & Share. Now you can play back the track, include a message, and share it on your social networks or email it.


8. It will store all of your recordings and you can go in and check out the “tapes” collection.


9. Go into TinyVox settings to manage your social networks and if you want High Quality recordings – turn that option on.


TinyVox is a really cool app for making recordings on your iOS device. The free version is supported by iAds, but you can purchase the Pro version for 0.99 cents to get rid of them.

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