Customize the Background on Your iPad with Free Nature Themed Wallpapers

If you aren’t fond of the native Wallpapers included in the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, there are several apps out there that contain customized backgrounds. Today we’ll take a look at a set of great high definition nature themed wallpapers for the iPad.

1. Download and install the Amazing Nature –Wallpaper free app from the iTunes store on your device.


2. After it’s installed launch it from the iPad home screen and you can begin flipping through the wallpapers that are available. Here’s a sample of a few that are available.





3. When you find one you like, just tap twice on the image, tap on Save to album, the OK to the Picture Saved message.


4. To make the image your wallpaper, Lock Screen, or Both go into Settings and tap on Brightness & Wallpaper then Saved Photos.


5. Then tap on the image you saved.


6. Now tap on whether you want to make it your Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Both.


7. Close out of the Settings to see the results. Here’s an example of the image above as the Home Screen background.


8. Here is another example of one of the images set as the Lock Screen.


9. This is also available ton the iPhone and iPod touch too.


If you’re looking for some awesome HD images to customize your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch wallpaper and Lock Screen, this one contains a lot of great ones. Currently there aren’t as many images available as similar free apps, but the ones they have look great and they’re periodically adding new images as well. There’s also a pro version for 0.99 cents that includes over 100 images, so if you like the free version you might want to upgrade.

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