How To Add Missing Cover Art to Albums in Google Music Beta

A long-time problem with most music players out there is the ability to get the correct album art. Here we’ll take a look at how get the correct album art listed on your tracks in the Google Music Beta.

1. Unfortunately adding cover art isn’t as easy as right-clicking and album and selecting Find Album Art. If you don’t have the album art on your PC, simply do a Google search to find it. Ironically, one of the best places I’ve found to download cover art is the Amazon music store.

Then log into your Google Music account. Under My Library and Albums, click on the the album cover with missing artwork.


2. Next select the dropdown menu at the lower right of the album and click on Edit Album Info.


3. This will bring up a screen where you can change all of the meta data for the album. Then under the standard Google Music avatar showing headphones, click on Change.


4. Now browse to the location of where you stored the album cover art.


5. When you find it in Explorer just double-click on the thumbnail.


6. Then it will only take a second for the cover art to upload and be added to the Album Info. When you’re finished click on Update Info.


7. All set! The new cover art will appear successfully  under My Library.


8. It will now show everywhere else album art is displayed.


9. Once you make the changes to album art on your computer, it will change it across all machines and portable devices you’re using the music service with. Like in this example on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.


Changing album art comes in handy if you find it incorrect or missing after uploading your music collection. If you haven’t fried the Google Music beta yet, make sure to Request an Invite.

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