How To Link to a Specific Spot in a YouTube Video

A lot of times you want to show you friends a cool video, the cool part doesn’t happen later in the timeline. You can tell them the action takes place at the 2:03 mark for example, but wouldn’t it be more cool to just link to that spot? Here is how to do it.

1. Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account.


2. Start watching videos, and when you find something cool you want to share right-click on the timeline at the point where you want to start sharing the video.


3. Then click on Copy Video URL at Current Time.


4. Now you an share the URL via IM or email and when the user clicks the link they go to the point in the YouTube video you selected.


That’s it! This is a cool trick so if a funny part or cool part of a video doesn’t start until well over 2 minutes into the clip – you can link to just a few second before it.

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