How to Remove Programs and Features Not Listed in Programs & Features in Windows 7

Just like in XP, some programs, components, and Features aren’t listed in the Programs and Features section in Control Panel. You might be wondering how to remove some of those in Windows 7. Today we show you how.

Turn Windows Features Off

1. Back in the XP days, we covered how to uninstall Windows Components that aren’t listed in Add/Remove Programs. The Add/Remove Programs section in Control Panel has been renamed to Programs and Features in Windows 7.

Just like in XP some programs such as Games, Internet Explorer, Windows DVD Maker and others aren’t included in the Remove list. For this tutorial we’ll turn off the Windows DVD Maker which is located in the Start Menu.


2. To remove or turn it off, click Start and type Programs and Features into the Search box and hit Enter.


3. That opens Control Panel – click on Turn Windows features on or off hyperlink on the left panel.


4. The Windows Features window will come up and you’ll see a list of the different features you can turn on or off. There is a checkmark next to the ones that are currently on.


5. Expand the Media Features tree and simply uncheck the box next to Windows DVD Maker. Then you’ll see the following message, just click Yes.


6. Then click OK in one the Windows Features window.


7. You’ll see a progress screen while the feature is turned off. Notice it can take several minutes, but in my experience it took less than one. Depending on the feature you remove your results will vary.


8. After it’s done, close out of the Windows Features box and Control Panel. Then when you open the Start menu, Windows DVD Maker no longer appears.


9. It’s no longer in the Start Menu, but to ensure it’s turned off type dvdmaker.exe into the Search box in the Start Menu and hit Enter. You’ll first notice that there are no results found under the search results in Start.


10. It won’t be found anywhere in your PC.


Microsoft Components and Features are integrated deep into the OS and this method doesn’t actually uninstall them. However, if there are ones you don’t use, you can easily turn them off.

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  1. I don’t see anything in programs-> Turn Windows features on or off
    There is no single item in this dialog box what is the problem?

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