How To Uninstall Programs in Windows with an Easy Right-click

If you need to uninstall a certain program it can be annoying having to go through Control Panel >> Programs and Features, finding the app and uninstalling it. Today we take a look at a handy utility that allows you to uninstall programs with a simple right-click of a program’s icon.

1. Download and install MenuUninstaller. Unzip the file and run the MenuUninstaller.msi file as Administrator.


2. Installation is a breeze. Just follow the wizard and follow the install wizard.


3. When the installation is complete close out of it.


4. Now find a program you want to uninstall. All you need to do is right-click on the program’s shortcut and select a the new Uninstall option on the Context Menu.


5. Now click Yes to the dialog that comes up asking if you’re sure you want to uninstall it.


6. MenuUninstaller finds the program, click GO to start the process.


7. The uninstall process kicks off. In this case it’s Adobe Reader and we need to go through it’s uninstall wizard.


8. All done. That’s all there is to it!


9. This utility can also come in handy if a program isn’t working correctly and you want to repair it.


Being able to uninstall programs by simply right-clicking the shortcut icon is much faster and more efficient. It saves you time so you can get on with other things and be more productive.

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