How to put your Owner Info on an Android Phone lock screen

This tutorial will guide you through the process of adding your “owner information” (phone number, email address, name etc) – on your Android phone’s “Lock Screen”. This way if you lose your phone, whomever finds it will be able to easily contact you (hopefully!).

Note for Android Tablet owners: adding your owner info to your lock screen involves a different process. See this tutorial for instructions.

  1. Start out by downloading the free app Phone Found – Owner Info from the Android Market, and install it.
  2. Open your Apps list, navigate to the Owner Info button, and tap it.
  3. owner info for Android icon

  4. The initial/default screen will be displayed. Tap the Menu button on your phone.

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  6. Select Edit.

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  8. Enter in all of the information you want displayed on your Android’s lock screen. This can include your name, company, phone number, email address and so on.

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  10. If you scroll down towards the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a Message for Finder button and a choose picture button.

    The Message for Finder window did not allow my phone (Droid X running Android OS 2.3.x) to bring up the soft keyboard in order to actually enter a “message for the finder”. Your experience may vary. I was able to ‘long tap’ and Paste text into the window, however.

    The choose picture button allows you to select a photo to also be displayed in the “Owner Info” section of your lock screen.

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  12. Once you’re done, tap the Save button.

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  14. Depending on the options you selected, you’ll be presented with a screen somewhat similar to what’s displayed in the image below.

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  16. At this point you can try ‘locking’ your phone. The owner info did not display on my phone right away. Once I powered the phone off and back on, it displayed perfectly. Every subsequent time I’ve locked my screen or it has ‘timed-out’ and returned to the default (locked) state – the owner info has been displayed.

  17. click to enlarge

  18. That’s it! Now if someone finds your phone, at the very least they will be able to easily contact you.

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