How to Like a Facebook Page Without Having to See Its Posts on Your News Feed

Feeling obligated to “Like” a Facebook Page because it belongs to a friend, but don’t want to actually see its updates on your News Feed? Just follow these simple steps.

We all have friends who are in bands, run websites, have “Fan” Pages etc. Perhaps you really do “like” a Page but it “updates” far too often and you want to view it on your own time. Maybe you want to support a Page but don’t really care what it/they have to say. Whatever the situation, here’s how you can “Like” a Page on Facebook and not have to see its posts in your News Feed.

  1. Visit the Page itself and click the Liked button.
  2. Select and then click the Show in News Feed menu item so that they ‘check mark’ is removed.
  3. If you change your mind and decide you do want to see its updates, just revisit the Page by searching for it.
  4. Select the Liked button again, click Show in News Feed and this time make sure the ‘check mark’ is displayed.
  5. Yep, that easy.

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