How to Zoom Using your iPhone or iPad Camera

If you’re a little bit embarrassed that you couldn’t figure out how to do this – don’t be. It’s not as intuitive as most things on the iPhone/iPad. Here goes:

  1. Launch the Camera App on your iPhone/iPad. While you’re holding the iPhone/iPad with one hand, place two fingers from your other hand on the screen, and ‘slide’ them outwards (as illustrated in the screenshot below). Note: works best/is most comfortable when using your thumb and index finger.
  2. zooming with an iphone or ipad camera

  3. As you move your fingers outwards, the screen (and camera) will start to zoom. At this point, the “zoom slider” will also appear on the screen. You can use it to fine tune/adjust your zooming.
  4. using zoom on the iphone/ipad camera

  5. Yeah, that easy…

2 thoughts on “How to Zoom Using your iPhone or iPad Camera”

  1. Thats crazy, after all the times I have used my iPhone camera I did not know you could zoom! Thank you for the tip!!!!!

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