How to Delete an Instagram Photo

Decided that picture probably shouldn’t have gone up on Instagram? Here are the quick steps to delete it –

  1. At this time, you can’t delete a photo you’ve shared on Instagram via the web (ie. You need to use the App itself. So launch Instagram from your Smartphone and go to your “home” screen. Locate the photo you want to delete and tap it.
  2. Tap the “more” button (the one with 3 dots on it, as illustrated in the screenshot below).
  3. Select Delete.
  4. If prompted to confirm the deletion, tap Delete
  5. That’s it – gone! Now keep in mind – for the time this photo was “up” – anyone could have downloaded it (if it was set to public). If it was set to private, any of your “Instagram” friends could have viewed and/or downloaded it. Now, it’s gone.

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