How to Block a Program from Accessing The Internet in Windows 8

This guide will take you every step of the way through creating a “firewall rule” in Windows 8 that will block any program of your choice from connecting to the Internet.

Update: If you’re using Windows 10, you’ll want to see this tutorial instead.

There are a whole slew of reasons you may want to block a program from accessing the Internet. Here are the instructions to do it if you’re using Windows 8 on your PC.

Please Note: the screenshots used in this tutorial are ‘clickable’ – if you have trouble viewing them, simply click the image and the ‘full size’ version will be displayed.

  1. Return to the main Windows 8 interface (the one w/ all the ‘Tiles’ and is often referred to as “Metro”).
  2. Simply start to type out the words control panel. This will immediately bring up the “App Search” window, and from here, click on the Control Panel entry from the left column.

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  4. From the Control Panel, click the System and Security link.

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  6. Click Windows Firewall.

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  8. Click the Advanced settings link in the left column.

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  10. From here, you can monitor all of your Windows Firewall activity, and of course, create new rules for the firewall.

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  12. Click the Outbound Rules link from the column of the left side of the window. Now, click the New Rule… button from the column on the right side of the window.

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  14. Select Program, and then click the Next button.

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  16. Select This program path: and then click the Browse button.

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  18. Navigate to the program you wish to ensure has no access to the Internet, select it, and click the Open button.

    If you have any difficulty finding the program you want to block, check the sub-folders in C:\Program Files (x86)\ and C:\Program Files\ – those two folders store most of the programs on your PC.

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  20. Double-check to ensure you have the correct program selected in the This program path: box, and then click the Next button.

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  22. Make sure the Block the connection entry is selected, and then click the Next button.

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  24. Make sure there are ‘check-marks’ in all of the entries listed in the When does this rule apply? section, and then – you guessed it, click Next (last time!).

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  26. Give your new rule a name (descriptive helps) and then optionally, give it a more in depth description. Finally – click the Finish button.

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  28. In the Name column, your newly blocked program will be listed. In the Action column, you’ll see that your newly created rule is set to Block.

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  30. That’s it! Repeat the same steps to block any additional programs from accessing the Internet on your PC.

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15 thoughts on “How to Block a Program from Accessing The Internet in Windows 8”

  1. I’m not sure why the icon in the Task Bar is showing an exclamation mark. I’d suggest going to Microsoft directly for help at this point – is a great starting place. I would suggest resetting everything back to the defaults, and then start at the tutorial/guide in this comment. Your PC may have additional software that Windows uses to manage your Wifi/Network Card, and if that software is blocked as well, I’m not sure what it would do to your Internet connection (might explain the explanation?).

    Without being there in front of your laptop, it’s a bit too hard to troubleshoot. Again, start w/ the Microsoft article in this comment and take it from there. You should be able to do it with minimal issues once you get it figured out. Cheers!

  2. Sir Please help me , as I use Limited broadband connection so I need it. I have created a “all blocked rule” , and it worked , no programmes get access to internet according to your tutorial, but I cannot allow firefox & IDM . I have created another New rule to allow firefox but firefox cannot get any internet. The internet icon in the task bar also showing ” ! ” sign and showing No internet access . But get internet access when I am disabling that rule. How can I solve this. Thank you once again.

  3. Thank you sir for the reply but I cannot understand the step suggested by you “Incoming” Rules . Is it “Inbound Rule ” ? My all internet access is blocked as your tutorial , but I have created a new inbound rule for firefox , but still firefox cannot get access to the internet . Please help me .

  4. @fghhghgcgh:disqus – Yes – it’s possible, pretty easy too. In step #9 of this tutorial, select “All Programs” instead of “This program path:”. That will take you down a ‘different path’ that will result in blocking *all* of your programs from accessing the Internet. Then, go back and create two “Incoming” Rules – that allow (in your case) Firefox and IDM. Those two ‘allow’ rules will overwrite the ‘block all’ rule for those two programs.

  5. I want to block all the apps except firefox & IDM . Is it possible to allow only one or two apps and others remain blocked . It is very tough to block one by one . Please update this . Thank you , Very helpful tutorial.

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