How to Power Off Your Pebble Smartwatch

This very short tutorial will explain how to turn your Pebble off.

You’re probably used to holding buttons down in order to turn devices off. The Pebble is a bit different. In order to turn it off/power it down –

  1. Click the Select button on your Pebble (the middle one on the right side). Scroll down to Settings using the Down button on your Pebble (the bottom one on the right side). Select Settings by clicking the Select button again.
  2. pebble with settings selected

  3. Now scroll down (using the Down button again) and select Shut Down. Your Pebble will now power off.
  4. pebble with power off selected

  5. To turn your Pebble back on, simply hold down any button on the device for a second or two. That’s it!

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