How to Force Your GoPro to Power On

You’ve tried holding down every possible combination of buttons and your GoPro still won’t power on? Keep reading.

Nine times out of ten, pulling out the battery and putting it back in resolves the issue. This brief explanation of how to pull out the battery uses images of a GoPro 4 – I believe the battery location and steps will be similar for each model.

  1. Flip over your GoPro and look on the bottom. There’s a little ‘hatch’ that opens when you ‘push’ the small button on it and slide the hatch open.
  2. Grab the plastic ‘pull tab’ and firmly but carefully pull the battery out.
  3. Admire.
  4. Pop it back in, close the hatch/door, and power your GoPro on as your normally would. It should boot up just fine.

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