How to Add Music to Your Apple Watch

This guide will take you each step of the way through ‘uploading’ music to directly to your Apple Watch, so you can listen to something even when your iPhone isn’t around (or charged!)

Before you get started there are a few things to note –

  1. You’ll need your Apple Watch changer.
  2. You can only “upload” music to your Apple Watch that’s already on your iPhone – in the format of a Playlist. You can create a Playlist directly on your iPhone, or from within iTunes. If you create one via iTunes, make sure to sync it to your iPhone.
  3. You can’t add more than 2GB (gigabytes) of Music to your Apple Watch – keep that in mind when you create the playlist you want to sync to your Apple Watch.

With all of that covered – let’s get started!

  1. Launch the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, and select Music.
  2. Before we add music to your Apple Watch, let’s increase the maximum amount of storage that can be dedicated to music files. Tap Playlist Limit
  3. With Storage selected from the top ‘menu’ – select 2.0 GB Note: if you’re sure you’re never going to add 2GBs worth of music to your Apple Watch, you can skip this step. Either way, tap < Music to return to the main Music App settings.
  4. Now it’s time to decide which Playlist you want to sync to your Apple Watch. Tap the Synced Playlist item.
  5. Each of the Playlists on your iPhone will be displayed as a list. As illustrated in the screenshot below, I have 2 Playlists on my iPhone – Purchased and the one I created specifically for my watch, descriptively titled Apple Watch. Select the Playlist you want to ‘upload’ to your watch.
  6. Now you’ll be presented with a Sync Pending… message.
  7. Plug in that Apple Watch. It doesn’t matter if you use a “wall charger” or just plug it into a (powered) USB port.

  8. click to enlarge

  9. Now your Playlist will sync/upload to your Apple Watch!
  10. Depending on the number of files in your Playlist (and the size of those files) – it make take a while for everything to copy to your Apple Watch. Give it time.
  11. That’s it! You can now listen to music without needing your iPhone nearby (or more likely, not charged).

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