How To Be Notified When You’re Unfriended on Facebook

Using a free browser add-on, this very brief tutorial will show you how to get a notification each time someone on Facebook “Unfriends” you (and it works!).

a list of recent people who have unfriended you on Facebook

Over time there’s been a number of web services and Apps that promise to keep track of who unfriends you on Facebook, almost all of which stop functioning after a matter of weeks, sometimes days. This method uses a different process, and it works :)

  1. The first thing to do is install the browser add-on F.B. Purity (link will open in a new tab/window). F.B. Purity works with the following web browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Maxthon. The installation will differ slightly for each browser, but in every case it’s a very simple “click this button” process.
  2. fb purity add-on confirmation message

  3. Once the add-on has been installed, head over to Facebook. Right away you’ll be presented with a big “Welcome” message from your newly installed add-on. Click the X in the upper-right corner to close it.
  4. One immediate change you’ll notice is that there’s a large FBP link in your Facebook “menu bar” that wasn’t there before. This is the F.B. Purity Settings section. After you’re done going through this tutorial, take a look at those Settings – F.B. Purity doesn’t just keep track of your Friends List, it has a slew of very helpful features (removes sections you don’t want etc).
  5. The first time you visit Facebook after installing F.B. Purity it will create a list of your Friends that’s stored on your computer. Each subsequent time you visit Facebook it will automatically compare that list to your current Friends List, and if there are any changes you’re prompted with a list of them.

    Note: if you unfriend someone, or if they outright leave Facebook, their name will also appear in the list. F.B. Purity determines who you’re not Friends with anymore, it doesn’t differentiate between who did the Unfriending – it just displays the change(s).

  6. You’ll also notice a new Deleted Friends Alert item in your Facebook “sidebar”, which will be displayed each time a person “leaves your Friends List”.
  7. Now that you can keep track of your Friends, go take a look at the rest of the F.B. Purity settings. It’s a fantastic little add-on that allows you to really customize your “Facebook experience”. Have fun!

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