How to Create a Poll on Twitter

This very brief guide will show you how to embed a “poll” within your Tweet!

Twitter now allows for users to create polls from within Tweets. Currently polls are limited to two ‘answers’ (ie. yes/no, true/false, X or Y). Update: You can now create a poll with more than two answers/options. Once you post a poll it will remain open for votes for 24 hours.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 21st, Twitter is rolling out the “Poll” feature to all of its users. If you don’t see the “poll” button as illustrated in this guide, wait a day or two :)

  1. Right now, polls work on Twitter for iOS (iPhones and iPads), Android, and via Twitter on the web. To make your own poll, start out by composing a Tweet as normal, in the form of a question you want answered (#1). Then click or tap the new Poll button (as illustrated by #2 in the screenshot below). Finally, enter the answers/options for people to vote on.
  2. Creating a Poll within a Tweet

  3. Send your Tweet as normal, and now people can vote on it! The total number of votes and percentage of those votes will be displayed within the Tweet as well.
  4. Twitter poll results simple view

  5. No one will know who voted, or how they voted. Neither you as the “poll creator” nor anyone who votes or views the poll will be able to see that information. Keep this in mind when you create a poll – unless your account is set to private, anyone can vote on your poll (and you’ll never know who it was).
  6. Twitter poll results detailed view

  7. Finally, as of right now (Oct 28th, 2015) – when someone votes on your poll, you aren’t notified in any way. So remember to check back 24 hours after you created it to see the results.

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