How to Install The Google Keyboard on a Samsung Device

This quick guide will show you how to install the Google Keyboard on your Android based Samsung device, replacing the default “Samsung keyboard”.

the samsung android keyboard compared to the google android keyboard

It’s worth noting that the steps outlined in this guide are nearly identical for non-Samsung Android devices as well.

  1. Start out by launching the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet or if you’re using your smartphone while viewing this, you can just click here.
  2. Google Play Store icon

  3. Search for the phrase “google keyboard” – the very first result will be Google Keyboard by Google Inc. Tap that one.
  4. landing page for the Google Keyboard on the Play Store

  5. Install it as you would any other Android App.
  6. the Play Store install button

  7. Once the installation has completed, tap the new icon from your Android home-screen or App list.
  8. Google keyboard icon

  9. You’ll be presented with the ‘getting started’ utility, a process you’ll only need to complete this one time. Tap Get started to begin.
  10. welcome to the google keyboard wizard

  11. First, tap the Enable in Settings link.
  12. setting up the google keyboard

  13. Your Settings will automatically open up to the Language and input window. Scroll down to the section titled Keyboards and input methods and swipe the ‘toggle’ next to Google Keyboard to turn it ON.
  14. toggle the enable the google keyboard switch

  15. Tap OK on the “Attention” window, there is absolutely nothing to worry about when using this keyboard.
  16. android warning message

  17. Now tap the Switch input methods link.
  18. android switch input methods page

  19. From the Select keyboard list, choose the one titled English (US) Google Keyboard
  20. selecting the google keyboard on android

  21. That’s it – the setup is complete!
  22. google keyboard wizard finish screen

  23. Open any App that requires the use of the touchpad keyboard and … ta-da! You have now installed the Google keyboard and you’re using the one that Android was supposed to be shipped with.
  24. the google keyboard layout

  25. If at any point in time you decide you don’t like the Google Keyboard, you can easily revert back by opening your Settings, going to the Language and input section and then switching to the keyboard of your choice.

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  1. Why does this google keyboard always delete the previous word I typed when I hit space bar to go to the next word? It works just fine in messenger and e-mail.

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