How to Identify the Font Used in an Image

Have you ever seen an image online and wondered what font it was using? This short guide will explain how to use a web App to identify that font!

The first time I tried this I used an image where I knew the font already – just so I could see how well it worked. In the 8 or 9 times I’ve used this service since then, it’s correctly identified the font every single time. All you need is the image file itself and a web browser.

  1. Start out by heading over to What The Font? (link opens in a new tab/window). Click the Browse button and navigate to the image file that contains the font you want to identify. After you’ve uploaded it, click the Continue button.
  2. WhatTheFont? will now process the file and try to identify each letter used in the image.

    As you can see in the example below, WhatTheFont? was able to identify most of the characters in the image I uploaded (which was a screenshot of the logo for this web site). It needed a bit of help identifying the dot in the i character, and the two uses of the letter p.

    In the case of the dot in the i, just ‘click and drag’ the “dot” directly on the i – to combine them. Then fill in the characters WhatTheFont? couldn’t identify – in this case the two uses of the letter “p”. Click Continue

  3. click to enlarge

  4. Make sure that each character has now been correctly identified. When it’s done (or as close as you can get it) – click Continue again.

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  6. WhatTheFont? will take all of this info and work its magic. As you can see in the screenshot/example below, it was able to correctly identify the font (Georgia Bold). Typically it offers up to 5 results, so make sure to check them all if the first result wasn’t correct.

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