How to Automatically Block Spam Comments on Instagram

This quick tutorial will show you how to preemptively block spammers from leaving annoying comments on your Instagram posts.

blocking keywords on instagram

  1. Start out by going to your own profile page on Instagram. Select the ‘Options’ button. In iOS this is a little ‘cog’ (screenshot below). On Android, it’s a button with 3 ‘dots’ forming a vertical line.
  2. Instagram Options button

  3. Select Comments from the Options list.
  4. Instagram Account Options screen

  5. In the section titled CUSTOM KEYWORDS add the specific words (separated by commas) you want to block from your IG comments. There are a couple of things to keep in mind – once you add a word to this list, all comments that contain that word, no matter who leaves the comment, will be hidden. You won’t see the comment, your followers won’t see the comment – you won’t even be notified that the comment was made. So depending on the type of content you post, adding a word like “sales” may trigger too many false positives (legitimate and harmless comments that just happened to use the word sales).

    When you’ve added your custom keywords, tap Done

  6. blocking keywords on instagram

  7. Another option to block spam is to use Instagram’s built in filter, which can be found just above the CUSTOM KEYWORDS section. It’s important to note that this filter may contain words you don’t want blocked. It’s a primary focus is to block profanity, slurs, and other inappropriate content. If you want to keep your account completely family friendly, you can enable this feature by toggling Hide Inappropriate Comments to ON.

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