Top 10 Free Android Live Wallpapers: 2017 Edition

After endlessly scouring the Google Play Store we’ve come up with a list of our ten favorite and free Live Wallpapers for Android phones and tablets.

What makes this list different than others of its kind? Here are some of the criteria we insisted on in order to make the cut.

-no “Matrix” wallpapers
-no aquarium wallpapers
-no photo-slideshow wallpapers
-Ads can’t be painfully intrusive

Did we miss a real winner? If so, please leave a comment below! NOTE: each of the animated screenshots in this overview are ‘clickable’ so you can get a larger preview of any that may interest you. We’ve used smaller images to help make sure the page loads quickly.

Fire and Ice

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Lots of features including a number of backgrounds to choose from. You can increase or decrease the intensity depending on how easily you get distracted :) Ads are a tiny bit annoying but you’re only dealing with them when you run the App for the first time or adjust the preferences. Available via the Google Play Store

Sun Rise

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This is the free version of a paid wallpaper. The free one only has a bare minimum of ‘features’ compared to the paid one, and it’s still great. In no small part because of its subtlety. Unlike the screenshot/animation I’ve included, it’s very smooth and not at all jittery. Available via the Google Play Store

3D Parallax

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This isn’t the ‘best’ live wallpaper of it’s class, but it’s the best free one. The transitions are much more smooth than the screenshot/animation I’ve included, but not as smooth as some of this App’s paid counterparts. There are a few images available for use for free, others cost money. It’s absolutely worth a try just to see if you like this style of 3D wallpaper. Available via the Google Play Store


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Another free version of a paid App that probably has all the features you’ll want as it is. This one creates a neat 3D’ish fractal that moves as your phone/tablet does, and it can get really mesmerizing. Available via the Google Play Store

Blue Fire Live Wallpaper 3D

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This one is summed up well by it’s title – “blue fire”. The more you tap your screen, the crazier it gets. There are minimal configuration options, which makes sense since there isn’t really supposed to be more to this than exactly what it is – a fun ‘blue fire’ live wallpaper. Available via the Google Play Store

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper 7

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Yes, it’s just a clock. You can customize the text which is neat, otherwise – just a clock. Which is all it’s supposed to be :) Available via the Google Play Store

Shadow Galaxy

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Shadow Galaxy is my current live wallpaper. My favorite. It’s dark, which I prefer, and not super distracting. Yes, you can (and probably will) get lost staring at it, but usually it’s not too big of a distraction :) Tilt your device and the galaxy spins with it. Available via the Google Play Store

Light Grid

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Another one where the animation/screenshot doesn’t really do it justice. Swiping between screens is particularly fun with this live wallpaper, as it’s very interactive. Available via the Google Play Store

Next Nexus Live Wallpaper

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It’s fun. It’s interactive. There’s quite a variety of options and backgrounds, and even more if you decide to upgrade to the pro (paid) version. Available via the Google Play Store

Cubic Patterns LWP

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This one is for those of you who like their wallpapers colourful, bright, flashy and active. From one crazy shape to the next, this is basically a screensaver that acts as a wallpaper. Available via the Google Play Store

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  • Emily Harris July 27, 2017, 8:52 am

    I like the first one!

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