How to Remove a Device From The Google Play Store

Do you have an old or no longer used Android phone or tablet showing up in the list of devices you can install Apps on? Want to remove it? Here’s how!

multiple devices on the google play store

If you install Apps via the web based Google Play Store and have more than one registered Android device, they’ll all show up in the list when you go to install an App. If you don’t use one or more of those devices anymore, you might as well remove it from this list. Otherwise you may accidentally select it and then wonder why the App you wanted to install never shows up on your current tablet (guilty!) :)

Just head over to the Google Play Store Settings section. You’ll see a list of all the devices you currently have registered. Simply remove the checkmark from the box labelled Show in menus.

Android device list on the Google Play Store

Now when you go to install an App only the devices you use will be displayed.

one device on the google play store

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    A more interesting article would be how to use android without the plague of google “free” services.

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