How to Open a .WEBM File

If you’ve found yourself with a .webm file and are trying to play it, this short guide is just what you’re looking for.

Short background: The .webm format is for media (audio/video). WEBM is an open format, and designed for the web. It’s a wrapper that contains audio and video – much like .MKV files. Since it’s an open format, it’s been pretty widely accepted and used on sites like YouTube.

At one point in time not all versions of Windows and macOS could play .webm files by default but now as long as you’re using a relatively modern version of Windows (Windows 7 and up) or macOS you’ll have no problems.

To open a .webm, you can use pretty much any modern web browser, including the current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

If you have the file on your computer, you can also use media players such as VLC or Media Player Classic – just open your player, select File -> Open and choose the .webm.

If you’re able to view the video below, you’re already set – it’s a .webm file! If the file doesn’t open, update your browser to the latest version and try again.

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