How to Change the Netflix Subtitles on Your iPad or iPhone

This guide will show you how to edit the subtitles – the font, the font size, color and even background color – for all of the videos you watch on your iPad or iPhone (specifically including Netflix).

The default subtitles that iOS uses, which carries over to the Netflix App, may not be ideal for all viewers. Here’s what they look like by default:

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and here’s an example of what they can look like (you can choose your own font, size and color):

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It’s a little more complicated than it should be, but we’ll take you each and every step of the way through. Here goes –

  1. Tap the Settings button.
  2. the ios settings button

  3. Scroll down and select General and then Accessibility

  4. click to enlarge

  5. Scroll way down to the Media section, and tap the Subtitles & Captioning item
  6. Tap the Style item
  7. The top section of this window will show you how your subtitles look. As you can see in the screenshot below, the default subtitle style is actually named Default. There are a couple of “preset” styles created for you along with Default. Tap the Classic item
  8. Once again, at the top of the window you’ll see what the Classic style of subtitles looks like. Let’s create our own! Tap the Create New Style… item.
  9. In the Description section, give your subtitle style a name. Something descriptive is helpful, but it doesn’t really matter. Then in the Text section directly below the Description, tap the Font item
  10. From here, select a font that works best for you. As usual, you can ‘preview’ what each one looks like in the top section of the window. VERY IMPORTANT – make sure to toggle the Video Override option to OFF.
  11. Return to the previous screen and select a font Size and Color. Again, you must toggle the Video Override for each one to the OFF position.
  12. When you’re happy with the final result, open the Netflix App, launch a movie/show and turn on Subtitles. Ta-ta!

7 thoughts on “How to Change the Netflix Subtitles on Your iPad or iPhone”

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      1. I have the same issue. I double checked and all video override options are turned off. I had customised the subtitles before and they had worked fine until I installed the latest iPad.OS13.3, now the subtitles are huge (even though I selected small font size) and cover half the screen (iPad mini 4). Does anybody have a solution for this issue?

  2. Hello, the subtitle is after last update very small for me and the settings in iPhone and netflix account doesnt work. What I can do now?

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