How to Increase the Scrollbar Size in Windows 7/8/10

This short tutorial will show you how to increase the size of the ‘scroll bars’ for (most of) the Apps in Windows.

Using a completely free App we’re going to enlarge the size of the scrollbars in Windows. This will work for most parts of Windows itself (File Explorer, Windows Media Player etc) and most Apps (Chrome, Firefox, CCleaner, Office). This can be particularly helpful if you’re using a touchscreen device and find yourself tapping in the wrong place when you’re trying to scroll (guilty!).

This change can of course be reversed if you decide you like the scrollbars the way they were.

  1. Head over to the Winaero download page and click the download link. Once the file has finished downloading (it’s small), extract the setup file from the .zip and run it. Launch Winaero once the installation has completed.
  2. From the column of options on the left side of the window, select the Advanced Appearance Settings category, and then the Scrollbars sub-category.
  3. Use the slider or the ‘up’ arrow to increase the size of the Scrollbar width and then click the Apply Changes button.
  4. You’ll need to sign out and then back in to Windows for the change to take effect. Make sure you’ve saved any open work and then click the Sign out now button that Winaero provides.
  5. Once you’ve signed back in to Windows, open a File Explorer window or browser. Check out your newly resized scrollbars :) If you want to make them larger (or smaller), simply return to the Scrollbars section of the Advanced Appearance Settings. Note: if you’d like to increase the size of the Scrollbar buttons, you can do that too – it’s directly below the Scrollbar width option.
  6. Again you’ll need to sign out and back in to Windows, but once you have, the buttons at the top and/or bottom of the scrollbars will have changed size too.

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