How to Open a .NFO File in Windows 10

This quick guide will show you how to open an .nfo file on your Windows 10 device.

  1. Locate the .nfo file you want to open but instead of double-clicking it, right-click it and select Open with…
  2. the context menu for right-clicking a file in windows 10

  3. Below the section titled Other options find the More apps link and give it a click.
  4. the open a file dialog box in windows 10

  5. Windows will now display a list of most of the apps on your computer. Select Notepad from that list, place a check in the box labelled Always use this app to open .nfo files and then click OK
  6. selecting an app to open an nfo file in windows 10

  7. Notepad will open and display the contents of your .nfo file.
  8. Notepad open with an .nfo file displayed

  9. That’s it! Each time you want to open an .nfo file going forward all you have to do is double-click it – Notepad will launch and automatically open that file. Also, all of the .nfo files on your computer will have a new icon – the same one as Notepad and .txt files.
  10. a windows 10 file manager with an nfo file displayed

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