How to Setup Comcast Email in Outlook 2016

This guide will take you each step of the way through setting up Microsoft Outlook (2016) to work with your email address.

Note: if you’re using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook (which is 2019), use this guide instead.

It’s actually pretty straight forward, but we’ll go step-by-step just to make sure –

  1. There are only two things you’ll need to know ahead of time in order to set up your Comcast email in Outlook 2016 – your email address and the password associated with that account. If you know those two things, you’re ready go to!
  2. Launch Outlook. When it starts, the ‘welcome screen’ should appear. Click the Next button to begin the setup. Note: if the Welcome message doesn’t appear, jump down to the Create New Account section below.
  3. When you’re asked if you want to set up Outlook to connect to an email account, make sure that Yes is selected and then click the Next button.

  5. This is the ‘main’ setup window. In the spaces provided, enter your name as you’d like it to appear in your emails, your full email address, and your password (which you’ll need to enter twice). Then click the Next button to continue.
  6. Outlook will now perform a couple of ‘checks’. First it’ll make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Then it will determine all of the settings required for you to send and receive email. This second part – Searching for settings – can take a minute or two. Just wait it out :)
  7. The last ‘check’ that Outlook performs before it finishes the setup is to send a test email – to yourself. This is all automated and happens ‘behind the scene’.
  8. Finally, once all of the settings have been confirmed, click the Finish button.
  9. Outlook 2016 will now open and begin downloading all of your email messages – including the ‘test’ message that Outlook sent a few moments ago during the setup.

  10. click to enlarge

  11. That’s it – you’re done – have fun emailing! :)

Create New Account

No big deal, you have to start the ‘setup wizard’ manually. Click File from the main Outlook menu.

Directly below the Account Information section, locate the Add Account button and give it a click.

Now just scroll back up to Step #4 in this guide and carry on from there.

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