How to Block YouTube Channels and Users

This quick guide will show you how to block one or more YouTube Channels from being displayed anywhere within YouTube.

Is there a YouTube personality you just can’t stand? Or a channel that constantly shows up in your YouTube Search results that never actually helps or contains the content you want? This guide will show you how to block those channels from ever showing up – in search results, on your YouTube homepage, etc.

  1. By way of a small and easy to use browser addon, you can block any and all content that you don’t want to see on YouTube. Head over to the respective download page for Chrome or Firefox and install the Video Blocker addon the same way you would any other addon or plugin.
  2. Once it’s installed, head over to YouTube (opens in a new tab). There are a number of ways to add channels/users to your block list. Locate a link to the channel you want to block in YouTube, right-click (Mac users ctrl+click) and select Block videos from this channel
  3. Another way to block a channel is to right-click on the channel name from within YouTube Search Results and select Block videos from this channel
  4. Yet another is to right-click on the name of a user within the comments and – you guessed it – select Block videos from this channel
  5. If at any point in time you want to remove a channel/user from your block list, click the Video by button in your browser and then select Options
  6. Then select Blocklist from the list of options in the top row. From here you can remove an item by clicking the Delete link next to its entry.

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