How to make a text list of all the files in a folder (Windows)

Following the steps outlined in this short guide, you’ll be able create a text file/list of all the files and/or folders found in any given folder in Windows.

Using a small and free App (that you don’t even need to install) – you can quickly and easily create a detailed list of all the files and/or folders found in any given folder – without all the mess of timestamps, file permissions etc. Just a clean, tidy list.

  1. First, head over to the DriveZ download page (opens in a new tab/window) and download the .zip file. Open that file and extract the contents to your Downloads folder. Then, open that newly created folder and double-click the DriveZ.exe file.
  2. The program will open right away – it doesn’t need to be ‘installed’. Let’s jump in. Select the drive/folder you want to create a list from.
  3. After you’ve selected the folder, click the large Make list and put it on clipboard button.
  4. In the window pane in the bottom-right corner of the screen, a list of each and every file in that folder will appear – one per line.
  5. Right-click anywhere inside that same window and select Select All from the context menu. Then right click the list again but this time select Copy. Now you can paste that list into a text file, email, document etc.
  6. One of the helpful extra features included with DriveZ is its ability to ‘filter’ parts of that list. For example, if you only want to list the MKV files inside of a given directory, enter *.mkv in the Mask field (see screenshot below). If you don’t want to display the file extension (the “dot” and 3 characters that come after it in a file name, eg. “.mkv”) – place a check in the box labeled Remove extension. When you’ve made your adjustments, click the Make list and put it on clipboard button again to refresh the list.

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