How to Use Web Panels in Vivaldi

This quick overview will explain how to use the amazing Web Panel feature that’s included with the web browser Vivaldi.

Alright, so what is a Web Panel? It’s a customizable ‘tab’ that allows you to quickly access your favourite sites right from within the Vivaldi side Panel.

By default, the Panel resides on the left side of your browser window. If you’re at all like me, that just doesn’t feel proper. To change sides just open the Vivaldi Preferences and select Panel from the left column. Change the Panel Position from Left Side to Right Side.

To add a Web Panel, just navigate to the page you want to add and then click the “plus sign” ( + ) icon from within the Panel itself.

Vivaldi will work its magic and add that site as a button/icon in your Panel. From now on, when you select that icon Vivaldi will open the Panel if it isn’t already, and load that page within the Panel.

So when do you use a Web Panel vs. a regular bookmark? Almost whenever you want, I suppose. You’ll find that some sites flat out do not work in a Web Panel, and some won’t render or display correctly. Others just aren’t practical to use in a window with less horizontal space. However, the ones that do work ‘properly’ are often perfectly suited for a Web Panel. Whether it’s something you want to passively keep an eye on or something you want to view/use quickly and then close, Web Panels are often the solution.

No, we wouldn’t leave you without some suggestions, that’d be rude :) We’ve compiled a list of 20 sites that work very well as Web Panels, hope it helps!

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