How to Add Steam Games as Tiles in the Windows 10 Start Menu

This guide will show you how to install and setup a tiny little App that allows you to create “Live Tiles” of the games you play on Steam for your Windows 10 Start Menu.

  1. Start out by downloading installing Steam Tile via the Windows Store. It’s incredibly small so both the download and installation should be very quick.
  2. Once the installation has completed, if the App doesn’t launch on its own, start it via its entry in your Start Menu
  3. There isn’t very much to configure, but it does require a bit of info. To start, click the link in the bottom right corner of the Steam Tile App which will take you to your Steam Account settings.

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  5. From here you’ll need to create (if you haven’t yet) a Custom URL for your Steam Profile. Enter whatever name/string-of-text that you want to use, and then copy it to your clipboard (select the text so it’s ‘highlighted’, right-click it and select Copy).
  6. The other thing you’ll need to confirm is that your Profile is set to Public so that the Steam Tile App can retrieve the info. To do so, locate the link to My Privacy Settings within your Steam Profile and select it. Make sure that My profile: is set to Public
  7. Now head back to the Steam Tile App, right-click inside of the blank box next to the “URL” and select Paste. This should have pasted your Steam Custom URL name into the next box. Assuming it did, click the Update button.
  8. Steam Tile will now pull all of your Steam Games into a window. Click one of the games you want to create a Tile out of.
  9. Click the Yes button.
  10. Review the “tip info” if you want, and then click the Close button.
  11. Now click your Start button and take a look at your first new Steam Game Tile!
  12. As you’ll see, it’s a ‘live’ tile – so it will rotate/flip/animate and display your game stats etc.
  13. One thing you’ll almost certainly want to do is resize some of the Steam Game Tiles (they look much better when you do). Right-click any of the tiles and select Resize -> Wide
  14. The only ‘drawback’ to this App (if you can call this a drawback) is that when you click the Tile itself, the Steam Tile App will open first, then the game will launch. Sure it would be nicer if the game just launched, but you can thank Microsoft for that. But the game does launch, and the Steam Tile App is so tiny it doesn’t take up any significant amount of system resources etc.
  15. Have fun!

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