How to Schedule Emails to Send Later in Gmail

This quick overview will show you how to schedule an email in Gmail so that it sends at a later time/date.

If you’re using Gmail on a laptop or desktop (via the web), click here to jump down to the instructions.

Schedule Emails to Send Later on Mobile (iPhone/Android)

Compose your email as usual but instead of tapping the Send button, tap the “3 dots” button and select Schedule send. This will bring up a series of options including pre-selected times such as “Tomorrow morning” and “Tomorrow afternoon”. Choose Pick date & time if you want to specify the exact time to have the email sent.

animated gif of scheduling an email in gmail

Schedule Emails to Send Later in Web Based Gmail

  1. Compose an email the same way you always do, but this time instead of clicking the Send button, click the small “down arrow” right next to the Send button (see screenshot below)
  2. the arrow next to the send button in Gmail

  3. Select Schedule send
  4. A small options screen will appear. From here you can select one of the predefined time periods – eg. “Tomorrow morning” or “Tomorrow afternoon” or you can specify an exact time and date by selecting Pick date & time
  5. Once you’ve scheduled the email you’ll get a confirmation notification.
  6. The navigation panel on the left side of your window will now contain a section titled Scheduled where you’ll find a list of all of your currently scheduled emails.

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