How to Add ALT Text to Your Instagram Photos

This quick tip will show you how to add “ALT” text to your Instagram photos (and explain why you want to do so).

“Alt” text is written text that describes an image or photo. Using it on your Instagram photos allows screen-reading utilities to describe the image to visually impaired users, in addition to allowing search engines to better crawl and rank your content. Instagram attempts to ‘auto-generate’ ALT text for your posts and it’s usually not very good. Writing your own ALT text only takes a few moments and in all likelihood will increase your Instagram visibility.

To add ALT text to your Instagram posts, just follow these steps –

  1. Compose your post as you always do, but this time tap the Advanced Settings link towards the bottom of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to the ACCESSIBILITY section and select Write Alt Text
  3. In the space provided, write a description of the photo or image you’re about to post. Do not write a series of keywords, instead write a brief ‘natural’ description of the photo. Don’t start the description with “this is a photo of” or “this is an image of” – just jump right in and describe it. When you’re finished tap the Done button and continue to post your image as always.
  4. That’s it!

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