How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

This guide will show you how to take a screenshot on your Chromebook – without having to install any additional software at all.

Taking a screenshot on your Chromebook only requires that your version of Chrome OS is (relatively) up to date.

There are 3 ‘types’ of screenshots you can take – the entire screen of your Chromebook, a specific window, or an area that you select with your cursor. Each type of screenshot has its own keyboard shortcut, and they are:

Capture Entire Screen: Ctrl+chromebook window overview key(F5, aka the “Overview” key)
Capture Window:  Ctrl+Alt+chromebook window overview key
Capture Selected Area:  Ctrl+Shift+chromebook window overview key

Once you’ve taken a screenshot, Chrome OS will notify you and from that notification you can even perform a couple of actions – view the file in a file manager or copy the screenshot to your clipboard so you can paste it into another App etc.

Chrome OS screenshot notification

By default, the screenshots will be saved to your Downloads folder.

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