Mac App of the Month: Mission Control Plus

Welcome to Simple Help’s very first “App of the Month”! Each weekend we’re going to award an App of the Month winner in one of four categories – Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. To kick it off, we’re starting with a fantastic little utility for your Mac :)

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It’s with great pleasure that we kick off the App of the Month category with this brilliant app from the team – Mission Control Plus.

With Mission Control Plus, decluttering your open windows becomes a breeze. This utility allows you to make app windows manageable in Mission Control: you’ll now not just be able to close windows with just a mouse click or a keyboard shortcut, but also be able to quickly navigate open windows and quit apps without leaving Mission Control.

Mission Control Plus doesn’t try to drastically alter or replace Mission Control, it simply adds a few great features. Using it you can close app windows, quit and even hide apps. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through them.

A small ‘x’ will appear in the upper-left corner of each app window in Mission Control, allowing you to quickly close that window with one click.

You can also use the standard keyboard shortcuts to modify the windows.

As far as system resources go, it uses so little (less than a browser plugin) you won’t notice it at all. You can try out Mission Control Plus for 10 days with all of the features enabled – after that it’ll set you back $6. I purchased my copy of Mission Control Plus after using it for less than an hour – the value became apparent that quickly. The developer is quick to respond to feedback too, which is always a great sign.

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