How to Use an iPhone as a Remote Control for the Music App

This guide will take you step by step through setting up your iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) to work as a remote control for iTunes or the Music App on your Mac.

  1. On your iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch), head over to the App Store and install the iTunes Remote app by Apple. Once the installation has completed, open it up.
  2. iTunes Remote in the Apple App Store

  3. Tap the Connect Manually link.
  4. iTunes Remote setup screen

  5. Make note of the 4 digit number, you’ll need it in a few moments.
  6. a 4 digit PIN in the Apple iTunes Remote app

  7. On your Mac, open the Music app and select your iPhone/iPad from the Devices list in the column on the left side of the window. If more than one iPhone is listed, select the one with the ‘play button’ icon (see screenshot below).
  8. arrow pointing to the iPhone Remote item in the Music App

  9. Enter the 4 digit code that was displayed back in step #3
  10. entering a PIN in the Music App

  11. After the code has been successfully applied, click the OK button.
  12. an arrow pointing to an OK button

  13. Your iPhone/iPad is now able to control the Music app on your Mac!
  14. remote control Music App with an iPhone

  15. Now you can now use your iPhone as a remote control for the Music app – view your collection by artist/album, view and even edit playlists, adjust the volume – you name it.
  16. using the Remote App to control iTunes Music on a Mac

You can also use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to control Plex or VLC!

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