How to Add the Weather to the Amazon Fire Status Bar

This short but detailed guide will show you how to display the current weather for your location in the Status Bar of your Amazon Fire tablet.

Let’s just jump right in –

  1. Open the Appstore on your Fire.
  2. the Amazon AppStore icon

  3. Search for the word accuweather and when AccuWeather with Superior Accuracy comes up, tap the Get button. If you’d like, you can read more about AccuWeather here – it’s a small, free, well-reviewed and trusted weather App.
  4. a search on the Amazon AppStore for the word accuweather

  5. Once the installation has completed, tap the Open button.
  6. an arrow pointing to an Open button

  7. Now you’ll need to grant the App some permissions on your device. Tap the Continue button.
  8. an arrow pointing to a Continue button

  9. When asked if AccuWeather can access your location, tap the AGREE button.
  10. an Amazon Fire permissions request dialogue box

  11. When asked the same question for a second time, tap ALLOW
  12. AccuWeather location request

  13. And when you’re asked the same question a third time – you guessed it – tap ALLOW
  14. granting an App permission to access the device location

  15. Ta-da! The app will open up and the weather (temperature) will be displayed in the Status Bar of your Amazon Fire right away.
  16. the weather displayed in an Amazon Fire status bar

  17. If you want to change the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice-versa, tap the “3 dots” button found in the upper-right corner of the AccuWeather app and then Change to X from the list of options.
  18. choose the temperature unit for the weather on the Amazon Fire

  19. When you expand the Notifications section, the weather will also be displayed, with a bit more info.
  20. weather in the Notifications Panel on the Amazon Fire

  21. You’ll also find the weather is now displayed on your Lock Screen. If you’d prefer it not be there, you can disable it within the App settings.
  22. the Amazon Fire lock screen with the weather displayed

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