How to Purchase a Book on the Amazon Fire HD

This short tutorial will show you step by step how to purchase a digital book (often called an “eBook”) on your Amazon Fire HD tablet.

During one of the bigger updates to the Operating System using on Fire HD tablets (called “Fire OS“) Amazon changed the way that you buy eBooks on your device. Here’s how –

  1. Select the Home tab and then locate the Kindle icon. When you find it, tap it to launch the Kindle app.
  2. the Amazon Fire HD tablet home screen with an arrow pointing at the Kindle app

  3. In the navigation bar at the bottom of the Kindle app window, tap STORE
  4. the Kindle app on an Amazon Fire HD

  5. You may be prompted to give the Kindle Unlimited service a try. Click here if you’d like to learn more about it (link opens in a new tab/window) – otherwise just tap the Continue to store without Kindle Unlimited link.
  6. prompt to try the Kindle Unlimited service

  7. You can now search for a book or browse through the categories. When you find a book you like you’ll be able to purchase it through the Kindle app on your Fire HD. That’s it!
  8. the Store on the Amazon Fire HD where you can purchase a book

Check out this guide if you’d like to customize your Amazon Fire HD home screens so that your tablet is personalized the way you want it.

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