How to resize images using The Gimp

This brief tutorial will guide you in using The Gimp to resize pictures/images. It’s also a part of the Linux for Parents – A Beginners Guide to Ubuntu series. Though the Gimp is not a Linux specific program, it is included as the default image editing software in Ubuntu.

  1. Start by locating the image you want to resize. Right-click it and select Open With -> Open with “GIMP Image Editor”.
  2. resize images with gimp
    click to enlarge

  3. In the main Gimp window (the one with your picture displayed) select Image from the top menu, and then Scale Image… from the drop-down list.
  4. resize images with gimp
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  5. The Scale Image window will appear. The image dimensions (Width and Height) will be displayed in pixels.
  6. resize images with gimp

  7. If you’d like to resize your picture based on percentage, click the “up/down” arrows in the pixels menu and select percent.
  8. resize images with gimp

  9. Now use the up or down arrow(s) in the Width: box to increase or decrease the size of your picture. In the example below, I’ve decreased the size of the picture by 50%. Click the Scale button when you’re ready.
  10. resize images with gimp

  11. The picture will now shrink (assuming you opted to decrease its size).
  12. resize images with gimp
    click to enlarge

  13. If you want to permanently resize the picture, select File -> Save. If you want to save this resized picture but keep the original as it is, click File -> Save as…
  14. resize images with gimp
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  15. Give your ‘new’ picture a name and click the Save button.
  16. resize images with gimp
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  17. You’ll be asked what Quality you want the picture to be. The higher the quality, the larger the resulting file. I usually opt for somewhere around 85. Click OK when you’re done.
  18. resize images with gimp

  19. That’s it! You can now quit The Gimp by selecting File -> Quit.
  20. resize images with gimp
    click to enlarge

  21. And now you’ll have a resized version of your original picture.
  22. resize images with gimp
    click to enlarge

  23. For more info on using The Gimp, see the article titled My Gimp Resources.

24 thoughts on “How to resize images using The Gimp”

    1. By doing the same thing but scaling by a number greater than 100% and making sure JPEG compression is set at 100. Now, this will keep the same amount of ‘quality’ (if by that you mean information) but the amount of information will go down per unit area. This is not GIMP’s fault, as it is an unavoidable result of having a limited amount of data to start with.

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  2. I’m just getting started with using Gimp, so thanks for that handy workout, my next problem is resizing the canvas without scaling the image as well, but im getting there.

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  5. Bonjour,
    je voulais savoir s’il était possible avec GIMP de changer les formats des images. Par exemple, on m’a dit qu’avec photoshop on pouvait retoucher une image jpeg et ensuite la mettre en format tif pour que cette image soit moins lourde (donc occupe moins de place) sur un blog.
    Est-ce possible avec GIMP?
    Si oui, comment fait-on?
    PAr avanace, merci :)

  6. Nice job on the tutorial but man is it ever a lot of steps! I think most people these days would prefer a utility that’s drag’n’drop with a group of photos, select your desired resolution and you’re done. I don’t have anything for linux at the moment but I did list out a few utilities that do exactly that in a little article I wrote for my family. Here’s the thing I wrote for resizing photos in XP, Vista and OSX. I hope someone finds this useful.

  7. thank you for the step-by-step tutorial. I just had to get something resized fast and did not have time to read a large file. Made my day.

  8. thanks for the tutorial, it really helped ’cause I’ve been using gimp and I couldn’t figure out how to resize. THANKS!

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