How to extract (or access) the contents of an .iso file in Windows

If you’ve downloaded an .iso (or .bin, .img, .cif, .nrg, .img etc) and don’t want to burn it to get to its contents, you can download and install MagicDisc, a freeware app that lets you “mount” the image file as if it was a CD/DVD drive. This tutorial will guide you through doing just that.

  1. First, make sure to download MagicDisc and install it. The installation is very straight forward – you’ll mostly click ‘next’ a bunch of times. At the end of the installation, you’ll probably be notified that new hardware was found and installed.
  2. magicdisc for windows mount iso file

  3. Also, there will be a new icon in your System Tray. Right-click that icon and select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, then click X: No Media (where X is the next available drive letter on your system – in the screenshot below, the drive is E:)
  4. magicdisc for windows mount iso file

  5. Click Mount …
  6. magicdisc for windows mount iso file

  7. And then navigate to the image file (iso, uif, bin, img etc), select it and click the Open button.
  8. magicdisc for windows mount iso file
    click to enlarge

  9. If you have Windows set to notify you each time a CD/DVD is inserted into a drive, you’ll get a pop-up message asking you what you want to do with the “disc”.
  10. magicdisc for windows mount iso file

  11. Otherwise you can use Windows Explorer to navigate to your new drive, and view its contents. The files on your new virtual disc can be copied over to your hard drive, executed or viewed – the same as any other CD/DVD.
  12. magicdisc for windows mount iso file

  13. To unmount an image file, repeat steps 2 and 3 above, but select Unmount instead of Mount.

24 thoughts on “How to extract (or access) the contents of an .iso file in Windows”

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  2. I tried to install MagicDisc105 twice, but it crashed my machine each time. Guess that means “quit doing that!” Any suggestions on a workaround, or perhaps an alternative route? Thanks.

  3. thank you so much for your steps, i was having problems left and right until i found your website thanks so much

  4. Hi Dave and anyone else who’s had problems with MagicDisc,

    Probably the best virtual drive software I’ve tried is Virtual CloneDrive by Slysoft… and its also free (they’ve got other great programs but this is the only freebie).

    Easy to use (works like in example above) and haven’t heard of it crashing anyone yet…

    for more info:

  5. Hi,

    Installed fina and I’m able to mount the drive, with the ISO file, but when I go to browse there are no files.

    Any ideas?


  6. I really appreciate the way you have presented How to use MagicDisk. How come most of the time free programs are so much better than the paid software? Thanks a lot.

    One request: could you please provide Print Friendly facility for the Page?

    A grateful user!

  7. So I’ve downloaded Magic Disc, but then when I click “mount”, it can’t find the iso file I would like to use. Do you have any ideas?

  8. Awesome! Thanks so much. I’d been struggling all day to burn an image of an iso file in a DVD with no success. This worked like charm! Elegant and easy.

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