Overview: Mailplane – a Gmail client for macOS

Mailplane is a stand-alone Gmail client for macOS. Besides including all of the great features of Gmail, Mailplane adds extras such as built-in drag-and-drop attachments, quick import from iPhoto and iTunes, Growl notifications when you get new messages and much more.

Please note: This guide was originally published back in 2007. Quite obviously, a lot has changed since then. Mailplane still exists and is actively being worked on and updated. With that said, the steps and screenshots used in this guide have likely changed. This article is staying online as a historical/archived document, and should be treated as such.

  1. When first launched, Mailplane will ask a few questions. I opted to install the iPhoto plugin and check for updates when Mailplane is started, but not to make it my default mail client quite yet. These settings can be changed later, so don’t worry about them too much. Click Finish when you’re done.
  2. mailplane gmail client
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  3. Enter your Gmail account info in the spaces provided. Review the optional settings as well. Click Login when you’re done.
  4. mailplane gmail client
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  5. If Keyboard shortcuts are turned off on your Gmail account, Mailplane will let you know. Click the Open Google Settings button.
  6. mailplane gmail client

  7. Scroll down to the Keyboard shortcuts section, and select Keyboard shortcuts on. Then click Save at the bottom of the window.
  8. mailplane gmail client
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  9. And your Inbox will open.
  10. mailplane gmail client
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  11. Exactly the same as the web version, your messages display in the manner you’ve grown accustom to.
  12. mailplane gmail client
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  13. But there are dozens of excellent “hidden” features. For example, you don’t have to hold down the Shift key to select multiple messages.
  14. mailplane gmail client

  15. Google Talk will pop up in its own window if you select it from the top Toolbar.
  16. mailplane gmail client

  17. And you can browse your Photos, Music and Movies by selecting iMedia from the Toolbar.
  18. mailplane gmail client

  19. A number of the user interface options can be changed if you select Tweak UI from the Preferences menu.
  20. mailplane gmail client

  21. Some of the other settings can be altered from the General tab of the Preferences menu.
  22. mailplane gmail client
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  23. Growl notifications are supported, and work perfectly.
  24. mailplane gmail client

  25. And last but not least, there’s also a menu icon for Mailplane. From it you can quickly compose new messages, check for new mail etc.
  26. mailplane gmail client

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