How to set up Mail 3.1 for email

This tutorial will guide you through setting up Mail 3.1 – the email program included with OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

  1. When Mail opens for the first time the “Welcome to Mail” wizard will launch. Enter the appropriate info in the spaces provided. Remove the check from the Automatically set up account box.
  2. mail 3.1 setup
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  3. On the second screen you’ll need to enter your Incoming Mail Server information. This information is provided to you by your ISP. If you have cable or DSL in North America, you can refer to this list of email settings for many of the major broadband ISPs (Comcast, Cox, Rogers, Shaw, Verizon, Earthlink, Time Warner etc). When you have the correct info for your ISP, enter it in the spaces provided. Otherwise, check with your ISP. Click Continue when you’re sure you have the right info filled in.
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  5. Similar to the previous step, you’ll need to enter the information for your Outgoing Mail Server. Click Continue when you’re ready to move on.
  6. mail 3.1 setup
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  7. Review all of the information on the Summary screen, and click Create when you’re done.
  8. mail 3.1 setup
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  9. At this point you’ll be presented with your Inbox. Click the New Message button and compose a message to yourself, then send it.
  10. mail 3.1 setup
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  11. Click the Get Mail button, and you should download the test message you just sent.
  12. mail 3.1 setup
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  13. If it didn’t work, or you want to change some of the settings, select Mail from the main Menu Bar, and then Preferences… from the drop down list.
  14. mail 3.1 setup

  15. The General tab will be displayed. Review the various settings and preferences and make any changes you see fit.
  16. mail 3.1 setup
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  17. Select the Accounts tab. From here you can edit your email server settings.
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  19. Select the Mailbox Behaviors tab in the Accounts section. Again, make any changes you deem appropriate.
  20. mail 3.1 setup
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  21. Select the Advanced tab in the Accounts section. And you guessed it – make whatever changes you want.
  22. mail 3.1 setup
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  23. Finally, select the Junk tab. From here you can modify the spam/junk settings in Mail. Explore the other sections – none of them are critical to the sending and receiving of email, but they will offer options to personalize Mail.
  24. mail 3.1 setup
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6 thoughts on “How to set up Mail 3.1 for email”

  1. Anybody know how to set up an automatic out-of-office reply using 3.1? I used to do this using “Rules,” but ever since upgrading to Leopard, it hasn’t worked. In fact, when I try, I end up sending a bounce-back to everyone who has sent me an email in the last month, and it doesn’t even include my message.

  2. Leonard Firsov

    Dear Sir/Madam.I sign 2.26.2006.I used mail 2006,2007year. But I can not open Mail you please help me.Sincerely. Leonard Firsov.

  3. Here goes –

    Click Mail > Preferences. Select the Account from the Accounts box. At the bottom of the Account Information tab (which should be displayed by default) there’s drop-down labeled “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)”. Select that drop-down, and choose “Edit Server list”. Select the SMTP server you want to change from the top window, and then click the “Advanced” tab in the bottom window. Remove the check from “Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)”. Depending on your ISP you may have to change the port as well – that part your ISP will be able to tell you.

  4. Could someone tell me how to turn off SSL on the outgoing servcer once the account is setup? Ive been googling and cant find any info.

  5. The instruction work a charm! I’ve used them to setup my Mail 3.1 for Gmail.

    Leaving the ‘automatic setup’ box checked at the beginning, leads Mail to create a POP gmail account, which doesn’t work.


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