How to receive a notification when your Mac power cable is unplugged

Using Unplugged and Growl, you can get notifications when your power cable is unplugged (or plugged in). Continue reading for installation and usage instructions.

growl notification for power status

Please note: The App this guide uses has changed and is no longer a prefPane, it’s an App available for download on the Mac App Store. It’s also no longer free. We haven’t tried the app and can’t speak to its functionality.

  1. Download Unplugged, open the dmg file and double-click UnPlugged.prefPane
  2. UnPlugged.prefPane

  3. Your System Preferences will launch, and you’ll be prompted to install UnPlugged. Select either Installf or this user only or Install for all users of this computer and then click Install.
  4. install unplugged

  5. Then you’ll be asked if you want to install UnPlugged in your Applications folder. Click Yes.
  6. install unplugged to applications

  7. UnPlugged’s Notification preferences will open. Select Start at Login if you want UnPlugged to start each time your Mac boots. You can also customize point at which you want to be notified based on remaining battery power percentage. If you want notifications to be ignored if certain programs are running, use the + button to add them.
  8. UnPlugged Notification preferences
    click to enlarge

  9. Select the Appearance tab. Make any changes you see fit, and then click the Start button.
  10. UnPlugged Appearance preferences
    click to enlarge

  11. Pull out your power cable to make sure it’s working
  12. growl notification for power status

  13. Plug it back in.
  14. growl notification for power back on status

  15. If you decide to change the settings, use the System Preferences icon
  16. unplugged system preferences icon

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