How to disable sleep mode when you close the lid on your Mac laptop

Simple Help reader (and ceTwit author) Vince Koser recently pointed me to a great little piece of software, InsomniaX. It allows you to close the lid of your Mac laptop, but keep your Internet connection active, music playing etc. This brief tutorial will outline the installation process, usage and offer a few tips/warnings.

  1. To get started, download InsomniaX. Drag it to your Applications after you’ve extracted it, and launch it from there.

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  3. Click OK.

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  5. Enter your password when prompted.
  6. If you’d like to help the developers by offering anonymous system info, leave the Include anonymous system profile box checked. For a list of what will be shared with the developers, click the small “arrow” and scroll through the info. Click Yes if you’d like to check for updates when the program starts, or No if you don’t.

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  8. And now review the license agreement/readme file. Most of us usually just blindly click Agree when presented with these screens, but this one is worth reading.

    For example, InsomniaX warns you that prolonged use can case your laptop to get very hot with the lid closed. I can confirm this as absolutely true. They also mention that some laptops will force a shutdown after 9 minutes. On my MacBook Pro, this doesn’t seem to happen. Once you’ve actually reviewed the info, click Agree.

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  10. InsomniaX will now appear in your Apple menu. Select it to see the various options.
  11. Scroll to Preferences to view InsomniaX’s options.
  12. With InsomniaX enabled, the Apple menu icon will change
  13. As Vince mentioned to me, this app comes in handy if you live in a household with dogs and/or kids. You can close the lid and keep Adium (or your IM application of choice) still active. You can also close the lid while enjoying a beverage and not have to worry about possibly spilling all over the keyboard. However, as noted in the license agreement, keeping the lid closed for a long period may cause your laptop to seriously heat up. You may want to take the time to dim the screen to help avoid excess heat before closing the lid.

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  2. Salve,
    nn riesco a scaricare insomnia x nn mi apre la pagine ma forse perchè nn è combatile con il mio portatile? Ho windows vista cambia qlcs?

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