How to Decrease the Width of Firefox Tabs

This short guide will explain how to decrease or “shrink” the width of the Tabs in Firefox, without having to install any add-ons.

By default, the minimum width for Firefox tabs is 76 pixels. You can lower this down to 50 pixels, which allows you to display more tabs before you have to start scrolling to get through them.

Note: the screenshots in this guide are from a Mac but you’ll have absolutely no trouble following along if you’re using Firefox in Windows – everything is nearly identical.

Firefox tabs set to a width of 76 pixels

  1. Start by entering about:config in the address bar and then hit Enter/Return, the same way you would enter a web address.
  2. the Firefox Address Bar with about:config entered

  3. Click the Accept the Risk and Continue button.
  4. an arrow pointing to a Accept the Risk and Continue button

  5. In the Search box, enter browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
  6. decrease the width firefox tabs setting

  7. The browser.tabs.tabMinWidth entry will now appear. Click the Edit button (the one that looks like a pencil).
  8. an arrow pointing to an Edit button that looks like a pencil

  9. Change the number from 76 to 50 to decrease the minimum width of your Firefox tabs. Click the Save button (the one that looks like a check-mark) when you’re done.
  10. decrease width of firefox tabs from 76 to 50

  11. You need to restart Firefox for the change to take effect. From now on, when you open a bunch of tabs they’ll shrink down to 50 pixels wide instead of 76.
  12. Firefox Tabs set to 50 pixels wide

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  1. If I remember correctly, Tab Mix Plus add-on has this feature – unfortunately, its not yet available for FF3. I am waiting for that.

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