How to play NES (Nintendo) Games on your Windows Mobile Smartphone

This tutorial will show you how to install and setup Pocket Nester Plus, a NES emulator for your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

super mario brothers on a windows mobile smartphone

Please note: This guide was published back in 2008 and is now considered out of date. You can try using Pocket Nester Plus but the steps will be different than what’s outlined below.

  1. Now you’ll need to download Pocket Nester Plus Note: software has been abandoned, link no longer available. Transfer the file to your phone and select it. Click Install to begin the installation.
  2. installing pocket nester plus
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  3. Once completed, click Done. Don’t worry too much if you get an error about the software being developed for a previous version of Windows Mobile. It should work anyway (it did for me, using WM 6.0).
  4. pocket nester plus installed
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  5. Now launch Pocket Nester Plus from your Applications list. You’ll probably find it in the Games section.
  6. pocket nester plus
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  7. Click File and then Open ROM…
  8. the pocket nester plus file menu
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  9. Navigate to a ROM (.nes) file, select it and click Done.
  10. selecting a rom in pocket nester plus
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  11. Before you start playing, there are a few things you might want to change/customize. Open the Options menu (which I was able to do by hitting the Z key on my phones QWERTY keyboard, but it may vary based on phone). Select Preferences from the Options menu.
  12. the options menu in pocket nester plus
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  13. Place a check in the box labeled Associated .NES files. This will allow you to just click on a .nes (ROM) file and Pocket Nester Pro will launch and load that game.
  14. pocket nester plus preferences
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  15. Again select the Options menu, this time select Controllers… Highlight and then click the button next to A:. Now select the key on your phones keyboard that you want to use as the Nintendo controllers “A” button. Repeat this process to customize each button.
  16. setting the controller options in pocket nester plus
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  17. And let the games begin!
  18. playing super mario brothers on a smartphone
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  1. It worked amazingly well on my Motorola Q. No problems what so ever even though the games are actually harder to play on Windows Mobile rather than on the actual Nintendo. The sound and picture quality is unbeleiveably good. And it did not freeze at any point.

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