How to Install and Use PuTTY on Your Nokia N95

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to install and use PuTTY on your N95 so that you can SSH or Telnet from your phone.

Here are the steps I took to install the latest version at the time of writing on my N95 8GB:

  1. Download the zip file from here and extract it somewhere on your hard drive. Remember this location.
  2. Since I have a Bluetooth adapter for my laptop, I decided to send the PuTTY installation file to the phone via Bluetooth rather than dig up a USB cable and copy the file over that way. If you can’t transfer the installation file via Bluetooth, copy the file to your phones mass storage via USB and run the file using Menu -> Tools -> File Manager. Press the Right toggle to navigate to the mass storage, then locate the folder you copied the installation file to.
  3. I now had a message in my Inbox containing putty_s60v3_1.5beta1.sisx. If you transferred the installation file to your phone via USB, skip this step.
  4. Opening the message produced the following screen:
  5. Choose Yes, then choose Continue.
  6. I chose to install PuTTY in the Phone Memory.
  7. Next I got the standard warning about this application accessing the network. Just choose Continue.
  8. At the copyright and disclaimer screen, also choose Continue.
  9. Now PuTTY is installed. You can find it by choosing Menu -> Applications -> putty.
  10. Now that it’s installed, you want to actually do something useful like logging in to a remote system. Select Options -> Connect.
  11. Enter the remote host name or IP address.
  12. Next you should be presented with a list of access points. I selected the ESSIS of the nearest WiFi access point.
  13. It might take a little while to connect to the remote server.
  14. Since you are using PuTTY on your N95 for the first time, you need to accept the hosts key by selecting Yes.
  15. Enter your user name and select OK.
  16. Enter your password and select OK.
  17. Now you should be at the familiar shell prompt.
  18. Try entering a command like ps
  19. In order to send special characters like Control or Carriage Return, select Options -> Send.
  20. You are now presented with a few choices. Toggle over to Enter and press Select.
  21. I like to log out just by hitting Ctrl-D. Press Options -> Send, then choose Control+… and press Select.
  22. From the menu, choose Ctrl-D and press Select.
  23. You are now logged out.

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