Turn Any Video File Into A DVD Disc You Can Watch on a DVD Player

This guide will show you how to turn virtually any video file into a DVD player playable disc, using completely free software.

Using DVD Flick, a free app for Windows, you can convert and burn virtually any video file (or multiple files) onto a disc that you can play on any DVD player. You can include subtitles, create a custom menu, add chapters and more. Keep reading for step by step instructions on creating your first video DVD.

  1. First things first, download DVD Flick and then install it by running the downloaded file. Open DVD Flick once the installation has completed and then exit out of the “Welcome” screen when it appears by clicking the Close button.
  2. the DVD Flick Welcome screen

  3. When the main DVD Flick screen appears, click the Add title… button located in the panel on the right side of the window.
  4. the main DVD Flick interface
    click to enlarge

  5. Navigate to the video file (or files) that you want to turn into a DVD, select it, and click the Open button.
  6. selecting a video file to burn as a DVD in Windows

  7. Once that video loads into DVD Flick, click the Edit title… button.
  8. an arrow pointing to an Edit title button
    click to enlarge

  9. Give your DVD a name by entering it in the Name field and then select the Chapters tab.
  10. naming a DVD created with a video file

  11. From here you can create Chapters for your DVD, if you want.
  12. adding chapters to a DVD

  13. If you don’t have subtitles, you can skip this part. Select the Subtitles tab.
    Depending on what you’re burning, you may even be able to find subtitles for that video by following the steps in this guide. You can add .srt, .ssa, or .ass subtitles. Add your subtitles and then click the edit button. Here you can choose the language of your subtitles, their color, their size, their font, and more. When you’re done, click the Accept button.

  14. Now click the Project settings button found in the top row.
  15. an arrow pointing to a Project settings button
    click to enlarge

  16. Select Normal from the Encoder list. This will speed up the time it takes to encode the video, but still leave enough resources for you to use your computer for web surfing or editing documents at the same time.
  17. selecting the quality of the video file encoding for a DVD

  18. Choose the Video tab and make sure the Encoding is set to Best
  19. selecting the Best encoding possible for a DVD from a video file

  20. Now select the Burning tab. Give the disc a label by entering one in the Label field. If you want to burn this DVD right away, place a check in the Burn project to disc box. If you want to save the disc as an .ISO file and burn it later, place a check in the Create ISO image box. Click Accept when you’re done.
  21. the Burning section of DVD Flick

  22. Back in the main DVD Flick window, click the Menu settings button found in the top row.
  23. an arrow pointing to a Menu settings button
    click to enlarge

  24. In this section you can create and configure a menu for your DVD to use. It’s not mandatory, but there are pre-built menus for you to use if you’d like. Select one of the pre-built menus from the list and then click the Preview button to see what it’ll look like.
  25. configuring a DVD menu

  26. As you can see in the screenshot of an example menu below, depending on the title of your DVD the text may be cut off. Close out of the Preview window and make any changes you see fit. When you’re done, click the Accept button.
  27. previewing a DVD menu

  28. Let’s save the project just in case something goes wrong during the encoding or burning process (power outage, something crashes etc). To do so, click the Save project button found in the top row.
  29. an arrow pointing to a Save project button
    click to enlarge

  30. Navigate to the folder you want to save your project files in, give the project a name and then click the Save button.
  31. saving a project file

  32. Finally, it’s time to encode and burn your DVD! Click the Create DVD button found in the top row.
  33. an arrow pointing to a Create DVD button
    click to enlarge

  34. Make sure you have a blank DVD in your DVD burner and then click the Ok button.
  35. a dialogue box with an OK button

  36. The encoding process can take quite a while to complete. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the length of time it’ll take – the length and type of video file(s) and the overall speed of your computer are the two biggest variables. On my quite slow computer I was able to encode a 55 minute video file in just over two and a half hours. To help kill the time, DVD Flick actually comes with a game built in. Click the Entertain me button.
  37. encoding a video file for a DVD

  38. Tetris!!!
  39. playing Tetris

  40. Once the video file has finished encoding, the burning part will automatically start.
  41. a DVD being burned from a video file

  42. Once your DVD has successfully burned, click the Close button and go try our your newly burned disc!
  43. an arrow pointing to a Close button

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