How to Read and Create Barcodes (QR Codes) on the Nokia N95

I just came across another neat application on my N95. You can use the built in camera to scan barcodes, also called QR Codes. Nokia provides their code reader free of charge, built right into your N95!. Keep reading for a full overview on how to read the barcodes with your phone, and create your own.

  1. Choose Menu -> Applications -> Office -> Barcode
  2. Now select Scan Code and you will see something similar to the screenshot below. I really like the Knight Rider style indicator at the top of the screen!
  3. Now aim your phone’s camera at the following QR Code:
  4. QR code

    Your phone should pick up a link to Scanning codes directly from your screen work best if you’re using an LCD display. Your phone may have trouble reading the code if you’re using a CRT monitor. If this is the case, try printing the code first.


  5. If you select the link, then choose to open it, your phone will automatically open the web browser and go to

  7. Ok, reading the codes are neat, but lets make our own codes now. this one is decent and easy to use.

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  1. thats quite neat that you can use a phone as a barcode reader…you can do a similar thing on the macbook i believe

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