How to Take Screenshots With the Nokia N95

This brief tutorial will guide you through the steps required to take screenshots using your Nokia N95.

  1. Screenshot for Symbian OS is a free utility for taking screenshots in jpg, png, bmp, or mbm format. This is the application that I use when taking screenshots for the tutorials I write. You can get it from the Screenshot for Symbian OS home page. If the version you download is unsigned, read our tutorial on installing Unsigned Apps on the N95.
  2. Now that you have Screenshot for Symbian OS installed you can find it my selecting Menu -> Applications -> Screenshot.
  3. Unfortunately one of the shortcomings of Screenshot for Symbian OS is that it refuses to let me take screenshots of its settings page. I chose to leave most of the options at their default values. I suggest making sure that you have Location set to Mass Memory. This just makes it easier when you want to copy your screenshots to your computer.
  4. Once you have Screenshot for Symbian OS running, just choose Back and it will stay running in the background. Any time you want to take a screenshot, just press the Camera button on the side of the phone. Screenshots will me named sequentially and can be found in your phones mass memory in a Screenshots folder within the existing Images folder. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
  5. When you want to exit Screenshot for Symbian OS, press and hold the Menu Key to bring up the Task Manager, then select the Screenshot application.
  6. You must choose Options -> Exit in order to stop the application. I strongly suggest exiting Screenshot for Symbian OS when you’re not using at as leaving it running will kill your battery faster. You will be able to see this in my upcoming tutorial on the Nokia Energy Profiler.

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