How to Disable the System Notifications in Windows 7

This tutorial will explain how to disable the System Notifications that Windows 7 uses to get your attention when it thinks you should be aware of something.

Similar to Vista (and XP), Windows 7 will warn you by way of “balloon pop-ups” if your firewall, anti-virus, auto-updates etc are not currently active, which can be more than a little annoying. This brief tutorial will guide you through the steps required to turn them off.

Windows 7 System Notification regarding lack of antivirus software

Windows 7 System Notification regarding the Windows Firewall being turned off

  1. Start out by opening the Control Panel. From the System and Security section, select Review your computer’s status by clicking on it once.
  2. the Windows 7 Control Panel
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  3. From the left menu, select Change Action Center settings.
  4. an arrow pointing to Change Action Center settings
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  5. Now remove the check-marks from the notifications you don’t want to receive in the Security messages and Maintenance settings sections.
  6. list of Windows System Notifications to enable or disable
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  7. Once you’re done, click OK. That’s it – no more annoying pop up System Notifications each time you disable your firewall or use an anti-virus application that Windows 7 doesn’t recognize etc.
  8. disable System Notifications via the Windows 7 Control Panel
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If you’re looking for other ways to fix some of the annoyances in Windows 7, you may want to remove some of the “Programs and Features” listed in the “Programs and Features”.

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